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We are Blynked, a combination of thinkers, do-ers and social people. Everyone has different hobbies and skills...but we have one thing in common: a passion for (almost) everything that's online. But how do we translate this passion into results for our clients? We keep it simple. We look at the bigger picture. One misplaced card could collapse the whole card house. Together we go back to the basics and make sure the foundation of your online presence is right. Why we do what we do? We get our energy from achieving great results and making our customers happy. That's why we do what we do. Because what makes a person more happy then using our knowledge to help others grow? Our opinion: nothing. 

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Whenever possible, we try to work with the newest, fastest and most innovative technology. This way, we keep developing our skills and our customers can enjoy the best online products. But building a powerful brand is not something you do with good technology alone... we work with a well thought-out plan, one that is developed together with you. We love to keep it simple; so out of a Discovery Session you get a plan that fits on one A4. Do you feel you can excel even more online? Then you have come to the right place! Do you think you have potential to grow online? Challenge us!

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Our people

A young, but extremely driven team is the engine behind Blynked. We grow up among the things we excel in: the Internet. Together we come up with the coolest websites, campaigns or content. Something we are very proud of!