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Belt Financieel Advies


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Branding & Web Development

Belt Financieel Advies

New corporate identity & website for Belt Financieel Advies

Belt Financieel Adcies is the specialist in the field of mortgage and financial advice in the Nijmegen and Arnhem, The Netherlands. Giving an insight into your personal financial situation can feel awkward to people... That is why a relationship of trust is highly appreciated at Belt Financieel Advies. You feel heard, and every customer deserves a personal approach!

The old Belt Financieel Advies website was very slow and there was no clear site structure. There was different information everywhere and the design was outdated. Together we created a design that fits the organisation and connects with the target group. Strong and neutral colours that stand for trust and professionalism, exactly what you can expect from Belt Financieel Advies.

Website Development | Financial
Website Development | Financial
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Strong colours and a recognizable brand

At the start of the project, we first looked at how the website is used. The aim of the website is to collect new leads and to provide information about the services offered. We also looked closely at how we could present the company culture on the website. We did this by using personal texts, strong colours and inviting photos.

The result is a custom-made website that is easy for Belt Financieel Advies to manage. We used a Wordpress Page Builder, in order to offer maximum flexibility to the client.

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