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College Style

Migrate to Shopify within 8 weeks

At the beginning of this year, Triple M Trading asked us to migrate their webshop to a new Shopify platform. A piece of cake, but with a small twist: it had to be done within 8 weeks. Quite a challenge... How we did it? Find out below!

Triple M Trading has been a leading seller of all kinds of women's clothes for years. With dozens of shops throughout the country, it is certainly no small player. College Style is the main brand of the umbrella organisation Triple M Trading. They are known for the more than complete range for every kind of woman. Making a design and translating this to a functional webshop often takes 4 to 6 weeks. Add all the other technical aspects such as API links, filters and order processing, and you soon end up with a lead time of several months... All hands on deck and go!

Webshop Development & Design
Webshop Development & Design
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No time to waste...

Thanks to our extensive experience and knowledge of Shopify, we were able to avoid a lot of stumbling blocks. An API link with the stock system was already developed and functional. So it was up to us to realise the front-end and back-end development. The choice for Shopify came from the need for an easy to use and flexible system. Shopify has a user-friendly interface and works very well in combination with get advertising on Facebook.

In the first two weeks we started working on a completely new design that better suits what College Style stands for. The old platform was outdated and not Shopify compatible, so the migration was badly needed and we used this opportunity to create a solid base for College Style and other brands under Triple M Trading.

We created a design that meets the most important e-commerce requirements. Think of a well functioning product filter, custom search and a smooth check-out experience. A source of inspiration is also very important within fashion e-commerce, many consumers do not know what suits them and find it difficult to put together complete outfits. Therefore, we developed a lookbook function with the possibility to tag products, so customers can shop complete outfits! After this phase, we started building the back-end. A tough job, given the short time left. But thanks to a great team effort and hard work, the whole project was finished within deadline.

After going live, we further optimised both webshops for the ads that are used to drive traffic to the webshop. This includes custom tracking parameters and Google Analytics e-Commerce.

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