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UI/UX Design, Branding & Web Development


For men. By men.

Fella is an online platform where obese men can sign up and reach a turning point in their lives. Through FDA-approved laboratory testing and a great team of medical specialists, the men are fully screened. The result of this screening is a game plan, which helps in working towards a healthy weight. Join Fella, Get Healthy!

How do we get men who, for whatever reason, have an unhealthy weight, back on track to a healthy weight and a healthy life? Fella wants to realise this mission by making losing weight more accessible and easier than ever! Customer contact takes place entirely online, so a powerful website was a must! Together with this medical start-up, we started thinking about how Fella could conquer a place in the market!

Mobile Responsive Website Design & Development
Mobile Responsive Website Design & Development
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Modern, fresh and reliable.

The goal was simple but challenging: a website that exudes confidence and modernity. After all, weight can be quite personal and a connection needs to be made with the website visitor.

We knew that the main source of traffic would be the smartphone. Therefore, we started developing from the 'mobile first' idea. This means that the website must perform to its maximum on mobile, before the desktop version is developed. In order to tackle possible questions from a website visitor, we thought about how to show as much useful information as possible, without using many pages. This results in a clear 'How It Works' page, in which all necessary information is given. After visiting this page, every visitor knows what they can expect from Fella.

Through a fun and intensive collaboration, the result is more than worth it! An interactive website with a design that suits the organisation and, even more important, the target group. On the website you will find all the necessary information and an explanation of how Fella can help you.

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