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Flow Research Collective


10-14 weeks


Custom Animations, UI/UX Design & Web Development

Flow Research Collective

You can become a superhuman.

Flow Research Collective is a unique institute. They help you achieve the most ambitious goals by unlocking 'Peak Performance'. They use neuroscience to train people, so that they can achieve more in less time. Companies like Google, Goldman Sachs, Deloitte and Formula 1 see the value of their training! So no nonsense self-development training...

We were given the challenge to completely overhaul the online presence of Flow Research Collective. You can read how we completed this challenging case below!

Website Development and Design
Website Development and Design
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Custom UX and animations

We started our cooperation with our well-known Strategy Session... Who is the ideal customer? How do they find our website and what do we want them to do on the website? Because many people are rather wary of what Flow Research Collective offers, we thought about how we could motivate the customer to experience the power behind the training courses.

That is why we developed a custom-made quiz that can be taken by all website visitors. A short but informative quiz of 9 questions keeps people on the website and gives - after leaving your name and email address - results that can help you create more focus today. Fully customised, based on your answers. With the data that comes out of this quiz, an impressive e-mail list is created that will be used for e-mail marketing in the future.

Thanks to all the custom animations, the website is far from standard! The website is informative, interactive and offers a great user experience!

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